AAI History Articles

History articles published by AAI explore the role the association and The Journal of Immunology have had in defining and shaping the field of immunology. In these articles, we also highlight some famous and some less well known members who have had influenced the association and the field. All of the following articles appear in the AAI Newsletter.

The history of AAI preserved and presented in these articles is also available in a compendium for download in three digital formats—epub, mobi, and pdf.

The Founding of AAI
Revisiting the First AAI Annual Meeting
Science at the First AAI Annual Meeting
Anna Wessels Williams: Infectious Disease Pioneer and Public Health Advocate
Industry Representation in Early AAI
Diphtheria Antitoxin, Biologicals, and the Growth of Mulford and Lederle Laboratories
Karl von Ruck: A Biosketch
 Looking Back at AAI and its Earliest Honorary Members
Founding The Journal of Immunology
“Studies in Anaphylaxis”—The First Article in The JI
Charles Bass: Country Doctor, Pioneering Parasitologist, and the Father of Preventative Dentistry
Stanhope Bayne-Jones: One Soldier-Scientist’s Experience during WWI
Stanhope Bayne-Jones: A Biosketch
The JI in a World at War
Trenches to Benches
The 1918–1919 Influenza Pandemic as Covered in The JI
A Look Back at Two Early Immunologists in Hawaii
Paul de Kruif and Microbe Hunters
Elise Strang L’Esperance: Pioneer in Cancer Prevention
What’s Old is New Again: Early Editors of The JI and the Challenges of Peer-Review
Karl F. Meyer: The Renaissance Immunologist
Words & Pictures—Advertising in The JI
Frank Fitch—The Air Force Years
Mary Hewitt Loveless: Creating a Buzz in Immunology
A Legacy of Advocacy Is Born as AAI Confronts McCarthyism
The Roots of McCarthyism
AAI Protesting the Politicization of Science
Rebecca Lancefield: PI in the Scotland Yard of Streptococcal Mysteries
The Founding of AAI Summer Courses in Immunology
The Emergence of Immunology in Pittsburgh
Immunology at the Mouth of the Mighty Mississippi
History of Immunology in the Nation’s Capital
A Brief History of Bovine Immunology in Texas
Immunology in San Diego: Staking Claims on Torrey Pines Mesa
CSOW: Focusing on the Careers of Women in Immunology
AAI History Article Compendium (2019)

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