AAI Offices and Staff

Office of the Chief Executive

Loretta L. Doan, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer; 301-634-7178, envelope

Lauren G. Gross, J.D., Chief Program & Policy Officer; 301-634-7743, envelope

Susan W. Medick, CPA, CAE, Chief Finance & Operations Officer; 301-634-7818, envelope

Andrea Thomas, Administrative Manager; 301-634-7230,

Michael W. Cuddy, M.A., Manager, Executive Office; 301-634-7779, envelope


For financial and accounting matters, please contact:

Maria Zavarello, CPA, CGMA, CFO; 301-634-7818, envelope

Vivian Chin, Senior Accountant; 301-634-7830, envelope

Chhanda Das, Accounting Assistant; 301-634-7784, envelope

History and Archives

For inquiries regarding issues of historic interest about AAI, The Journal of Immunology, AAI members, or the field of immunology, please contact:

John Emrich, Ph.D., Historian/Archivist; 301-634-7941, envelope

Charles Richter, Ph.D., Assistant Historian; 301-634-7832, envelope


For inquiries on becoming a member, renewing a membership, member benefits, or purchasing a mailing list or optional journals, please contact:

Jennifer J. Woods, Membership Manager; 301-634-7195, envelope

Education, Career Development, and Awards

For information about AAI courses, awards or travel grants, or other career development programs, please contact:

Mary T. Litzinger, Ph.D., Director, Educational and Career Development; 301-634-7820, envelope

Ericka Ochoa, M.B.A., CAE, Manager of Educational and Career Development Programs; 301-634-7826, envelope

Bryna E. Burrell, Ph.D., Senior Scientist; 301-634-7824, envelope

Curtis Bengston, Program Assistant and Database Specialist; 301-634-7816, envelope


For newsletter inquiries, newsworthy information for or regarding AAI members, job postings, or media inquiries, please contact:

Bethany Coulter, M.A., Director, Communications; 301-634-7831, envelope

Shelby Giles, Senior Communications Specialist; 301-634-7184, envelope

Content Licensing and Subscriptions

For inquiries regarding subscriptions to The Journal of Immunology, please contact:

Caroline Lacey, Manager, Content Licensing and Subscriptions Sales; 301-634-7821, envelope


For inquiries regarding the AAI Annual Meeting or AAI Summer Courses, please contact:

Gale Q. Guerrieri, CMP, Director, Meetings; 301-634-7399, envelope

Caroline Lacey, CEM, Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales Manager; 301-634-7821, envelope

Public Policy and Government Affairs

For inquiries about legislative and regulatory issues, position statements, policy reports and the AAI Public Policy Fellows Program, please contact:

Jacob Schumacher, Director, Government Affairs; 301-634-7744, envelope

Emily Kansler, Ph.D., Senior Science Policy Analyst; 301-634-7745, envelope


For inquiries about AAI web properties and technology platforms, please contact:

Dale Bengston, Director, IT; 301-634-7891, envelope

Editorial Office of The Journal of Immunology and ImmunoHorizons

Please direct all inquiries regarding the submission of a manuscript or the status of a manuscript in process to:  

Catherine Wattenberg, Director of Publications
Ellen C. Fox, Ph.D., Managing Editor
Nicole Beauchamp, Ph.D., Science Associate
Karen Chung O, Senior Editorial Assistant
Hanh Wong, Senior Editorial Assistant
Joanne McCulloch, Journal Operations Manager
Kimberly Thorpe, Online Journal Specialist

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Executive Office

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Editorial Office

The Journal of Immunology
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301-634-7197 (phone)
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