Membership Committee

The six members of the Membership Committee are appointed by Council on staggered three-year terms. The role of the committee is to:

  • Determine the eligibility of applicants for active membership and submit applications to Council;
  • Recommend changes in the criteria for membership for consideration by Council;
  • Solicit applications for membership, analyze current membership for composition and representation, and make any recommendations concerning the above issues to Council.


The AAI Membership Committee is dedicated to helping AAI meet the needs of the immunology community, especially its members, by voicing its concerns and making suggestions for changes or additions to current AAI practices, policies or bylaws.


Ingrid L. Scully, Ph.D. (’22), Chair
Associate Research Fellow
Pfizer Vaccines Research
Ingrid Scully website

Jason P. Gigley, Ph.D. (’20)
Associate Professor
University of Wyoming
Jason Gigley website

Jennifer Manilay, Ph.D. (’20)
University of California, Merced
Jennifer Manilay website

Kent Teague, Ph.D. (’21)
University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine
Kent Teague website

Bolaji Thomas, Ph.D. (’21)
Rochester Institute of Technology
Bolaji Thomas website

Julie Mirpuri, M.B.B.S. (’22)
Assistant Professor
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Julie Mirpuri website

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