Trainee Membership


To become a Trainee member, an applicant must be a graduate student or a postdoctoral trainee enrolled in an education or training program that could lead to a career in immunology or a related field (including medical residency). Applicants of this category must submit at the time of application, and annually thereafter, a Trainee Certification Form (TCF) signed by their advisor or department chair certifying the applicant's trainee status.

Trainee Graduate Student Members are eligible to renew as a Trainee Member for the duration of their graduate training. Trainee Postdoctoral membership may be held for up to six years of postdoctoral training.


  • Career development
  • Scientific advances
  • Representation and advocacy
  • Participation and service opportunities
  • Eligibility for career-advancing programs
  • Financial benefits

For a full description of membership benefits, click here.


Annual membership dues are based on the calendar year (January 1–December 31). Membership dues are $64 for Graduate Student Trainees and $85 for Postdoctoral Trainees. (Please Note: If you join between October 1 and December 15, your dues will be $80 for Graduate Students and $106 for Postdoctoral Trainees, and you will be a member in good standing for the last quarter of 2020 and all of 2021.)

Invoices for Canadian residents will include GST and HST, as applicable. Membership includes full access to AAI publications online.


Download the Trainee Certification Form (TCF). Complete and have it signed, and create a PDF of the signed form.


If you already have an account as a past member or past AAI event attendee: Login at the membership portal. Once logged in, select the Trainee Member Application under Join AAI / Member Applications.
If you are new to AAI: Visit the secure Trainee Member Application form.



Then complete the required information on the online application:
  1. Complete the required information on the online application.
  2. Provide payment.
  3. Upload your signed Trainee Certification Form (TCF) on the confirmation page. 
Your Trainee membership will be complete once we receive 
  1. Your payment.
  2. Your uploaded complete Trainee Certification Form (TCF).


Trainee Membership dues are nonrefundable, except in cases in which a Trainee Member has been accepted for Regular Membership and has paid full-year Regular Member dues in the same year. In that case, the Trainee Membership dues paid in that same year will be refunded.

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