AAI Trainee Poster Award

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This award provides $300 to AAI Trainee members (undergraduate students, graduate students, young professionals, and postdoctoral fellows) whose first-author abstracts submitted to the AAI annual meeting are selected for poster sessions only and found to be exceptional by the AAI Abstract Programming Chairs. Selection will be based on the originality and significance of the research being presented.

Award checks will be mailed to recipients following the AAI annual meeting, provided that the following conditions are met:
  • Attendance at the meeting is mandatory.
  • Awardees must present their abstract in a poster presentation. The poster must be displayed on the day of presentation designated in the program, and presenter must be at their poster board on the assigned day and time.
  • U.S.-based awardees must submit a completed W9 form to receive the award check. Awardees will be provided instructions for submitting their forms through a secure portal.
  • Awardees must make their reservations through the official AAI hotel reservation system onPeak and stay at one of the AAI-designated hotels to receive their award checks.
Only selected candidates will be notified. In most cases this award may not be combined with other awards or grants for the AAI annual meeting. AAI Trainee Poster Award recipients may receive the Minority Scientist Travel Award, or be second recipients on AAI Laboratory Travel Grants or AAI Undergraduate Faculty Travel Grants, but the maximum funding under these awards will be reduced commensurately by the AAI Trainee Poster Award amount.


A successful candidate must: be an AAI Trainee member for 2024 with dues paid no later than December 5, 2023, and have completed the submission of a first-author abstract to the AAI annual meeting by December 5th. If you are not yet a Trainee member, visit http://www.aai.org/Membership/Join/Trainee-Membership to join.

How to Qualify — FAQs

Q: How are abstracts selected for the AAI Trainee Poster Award?
A: Every abstract submitted to the meeting is reviewed by AAI members called Abstract Programming Chairs (APCs), expert in that field. The APCs will select meritorious abstracts from those they have designated for “poster-only” presentations, i.e., abstracts not selected for oral presentations. Selection will be based on the originality and significance of the research being presented.

Q: How do I indicate I want to be considered for this award?
A: Any AAI Trainee member who submits a first-author abstract to IMMUNOLOGY2024™ automatically will be considered, provided that you meet all eligibility requirements above.

Q: How do I know that my abstract submission is complete?
A: Your abstract submission is complete when you have paid the abstract submission fee and received an email confirmation.

Q: If I am selected for this award and cannot attend the meeting, will I still get the award?
A: No. To be eligible for the award you must attend the meeting and make the presentation in person.

Q: Can someone else make my presentation for me?
A: Occasionally someone else makes a presentation due to a legitimate emergency situation; however, the award will not be given to them or to the author who does not present.

Q: What if I have more than one abstract and they are BOTH selected for the poster award?
A: No individual may receive more than one award.

Q: What if my abstract was selected for the AAI Trainee Abstract Award?
A: The AAI Trainee Abstract Award honors AAI Trainee members whose first-author abstracts submitted to the AAI annual meeting are selected for oral presentation in Block Symposia. No trainee may receive both the AAI Trainee Abstract Award and the AAI Trainee Poster Award in a given year, either for the same abstract or for two different abstracts.

Q: I think I am already a Trainee Member (or I used to be). How can I check?
A: Send an email to members@aai.org and AAI staff will let you know.

Q: I don’t have any publications yet. May I still become a Trainee Member?
A: Yes! There is no publication requirement! Please see https://www.aai.org/Membership/Join/Trainee-Membership for membership requirements.

Q: How much does it cost to become a Trainee Member?
A: Please view Trainee membership dues and benefits at https://www.aai.org/Membership/Join/Trainee-Membership.

Q: How long do I have to wait to become a Trainee Member?
A: Trainee members are approved and enrolled as soon as we receive a completed application and payment.

AAI Trainee Poster Award Recipients


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