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On June 19, 1913, a group of physician-scientists gathered on the campus of the University of Minnesota to form The American Association of Immunologists (AAI), a society devoted to a nascent medical specialty, immunology.

For over a century, AAI has fulfilled its founders' mission “to promote [immunology] by its concerted efforts [in] scientific research.” Today, as the most prestigious association of immunologists in the world, AAI continues to champion the interests of its membership, which has grown to nearly 8,000 scientists in 71 countries. Click on the links below to learn about the history of immunology as seen through the membership—long ago and present day—of AAI.


AAI history articles explore the role that AAI members and The Journal of Immunology have played in defining and shaping the field of immunology.

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The Oral History Project provides contemporary investigators and the public a rare view into the lives and times of influential immunologists.

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The AAI Timeline chronicles the advances in science and immunology since 1913 by AAI members and other scientists, placing those developments alongside key U.S. and world political and cultural events.

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The distinguished membership of AAI has included 27 Nobel Laureates, 50 Lasker recipients, and more than 200 recipients of the most prestigious national and international awards for science and immunology.

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Attendees at recent AAI annual meetings have stopped by the StoryBooth with their colleagues, mentors, collaborators, or friends to record their experiences and thoughts on AAI and immunology.

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In the process of creating different AAI history items many interesting things did not make the cut. In this section, we have taken those interesting historical tidbits and created smaller, online-only pieces.

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