Education Committee

The nine members of the Education Committee are appointed by Council on staggered three-year terms. The role of the committee is to:
  • plan and coordinate a variety of educational activities and programs of AAI
  • develop informational and educational materials in immunology for the audiences with which AAI wishes to communicate
  • participate in activities and coalitions that foster education in the life sciences.


The AAI Education Committee is dedicated to promoting science education and helping its members in science outreach activities. These include the:


Nicholas A. Pullen, Ph.D. (’26), Chair
Associate Professor
University of Northern Colorado

Pablo A. Penaloza-MacMaster, Ph.D. (’24)
Assistant Professor
Northwestern University

Michelle Snyder, Ph.D. (’24)
Associate Professor
Towson University

Shipra Vaishnava, Ph.D. (’24)
Assistant Professor
Brown University

William H. Carr, D.V.M., Ph.D. (’25)
Medgar Evers College, City University of New York

Michael F. Criscitiello, Ph.D. (’25)
Professor and Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
Texas A&M University

Kiyomi Komori, Ph.D. (’25)
Director, Translational Research

John K. Cusick, Ph.D. (’26)
Associate Professor
California Northstate University

Heather A. Bruns, Ph.D. (’26)
Vice Chair of Education and Professor
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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