About Immunology

If you are not an immunologist or someone who works in the biomedical sciences, immunology may be a mystery to you. While certain immunology terms have found their way into the mainstream (microbiome, “clear the virus,” immunotherapy, etc.), most consumers really have no idea what immunology is.
AAI would like to change that! We have gathered resources on this page to help you learn more about the field of immunology, what immunologists do, and what immunology means to you, public health, and the world!

AAI was founded in 1913, right around the time that Woodrow Wilson became the U.S. president and Henry Ford invented the moving assembly line. Since then, the field of immunology has made many significant contributions to public health and science advancement—discoveries that we take for granted today. Learn more with our Interactive Timeline of the History of Immunology.

The History of Immunology


Updated 24 August 2022

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