AAI Leadership

AAI is led by a Council composed of eight scientists elected by voting AAI members. The AAI Councilors serve as volunteers. Forward-looking in their determination to answer the significant questions facing scientists, they are charged to speak on behalf of the AAI membership and remain loyal to AAI. These leaders of AAI are recognized experts in their specific fields and experienced administrators. They are, above all things, passionate about science and the belief that good science is critical in overcoming so many of the challenges we face today.


The Council is responsible for promoting the goals of the association in order to advance the knowledge of immunology and its related disciplines. It determines the nature and types of programs that can best achieve these goals, whether meetings, publications, courses, awards, or advocacy programs. It does so with a fiduciary obligation to make decisions that best serve the interests of the AAI membership and meet the stated goals of the association. The Council initiates new programs on its own and acts on the recommendations of various AAI Committees, also comprised of members, all of whom are volunteers. It employs a professional staff to help it achieve these goals for the benefit of the members and for all those interested in immunology. It does so with a keen understanding of the financial implications of accomplishing the mission, determining current programs and, at the same time, insuring the long-term sustainability of the association.

The eight member Council consists of four officers, a President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Past President, and four additional Councilors. In addition, the Council has four ex-officio non-voting members, the Chairs of the Publications and Program Committees, the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Immunology, and the Executive Director of the association.


The AAI Bylaws establish twelve Standing Committees of volunteer members, some of whom are elected by the members and some of whom are appointed by the President with the consent of the Council and serve for various terms. The composition of the committees is diverse to give a voice to all segments of the AAI member population and rotates each year to bring fresh ideas to bear on the committee activities and the recommendations committees make to the Council. The Committees are tasked with specific duties, whether to insure sound financial management, promote a diverse scientific community, or determine and meet the needs of segments of the AAI membership. The Council may also establish ad hoc Committees to deal with specific or short- term issues or initiatives that arise.

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