Committee on the Status of Women

The nine members of the Committee on the Status of Women (CSOW) are appointed by Council on staggered three-year terms. The committee is responsible for generating and developing programs that assure equal treatment of all professional immunologists on the basis of merit.


The CSOW focuses on enhancing career opportunities that advance the involvement and recognition of women immunologists in the scientific community.

In support of this mission, the CSOW:

  • organizes, jointly with the AAI Education Committee, the Careers in Science Lecture and Roundtable at the AAI annual meeting. Participants in this session have an opportunity to discuss pressing career issues with senior PIs who share their own experience. Table topics typically explore a range of career options as well as career issues such as postdoc to faculty transition; careers in academia, biotech industry, government, publishing; careers outside the laboratory, balancing family and work, etc.
  • sponsors the AAI Career Advisory Board, a referral service that matches senior postdocs (start of fourth year and beyond) or early career PIs with an established scientist, who can provide the confidential advice needed to move a career forward. The program is intended to complement and extend the service offered by the Careers in Science Lecture and Roundtable at the AAI annual meeting.
  • maintains a Potential Speakers/Chairs/Editors List presenting AAI members who are women working in immunological research or fulfilling leadership roles in non-research careers in support of the immunology enterprise (in publishing, public affairs, nonprofits, etc.). We encourage immunologists and scientists in other disciplines to consult this resource when considering the selection of individuals to speak at meetings or seminar series, to participate on review panels, to serve on editorial boards, and to otherwise participate in professional activities. Please contact if you would like to be included on this list.


Laura A. Solt, Ph.D. (’22), Chair
Associate Professor
Scripps Research

Melissa Ann Brown, Ph.D. (’22)
Department of Microbiology/Immunology
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Sadiye Amcaoglu Rieder, Ph.D. (’22)
Senior Scientist
Horizon Therapeutics

Dorina Avram, Ph.D. (’23)
Senior Member, Professor, and Associate Chair
Moffitt Cancer Center, Magnolia Campus

Keke Fairfax, Ph.D. (’23)
Associate Professor
University of Utah School of Medicine

Irene Salinas, Ph.D. (’23)
Associate Professor
University of New Mexico

Weishan Huang, Ph.D. (’24)
Assistant Professor
Louisiana State University

Julie M. Jameson, Ph.D. (’24)
Associate Professor
California State University, San Marcos

Juliet Morrison, Ph.D. (’24)
Assistant Professor
University of California, Riverside

Lisa K. Denzin, Ph.D. (’21)
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Ann Griffith, Ph.D. (’21)
Assistant Professor
University of Texas Health San Antonio

Meera G. Nair, Ph.D. (’21)
Associate Professor
University of California Riverside

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