Nominating Committee

The five members of the Nominating Committee are elected by the membership from a slate of nine candidates prepared by Council. The nominee receiving the highest number of votes serves as chair of the committee. In case of a tie vote, lots are drawn.


The AAI Nominating Committee is dedicated to identifying and recommending outstanding AAI members as candidates for election to AAI leadership positions, taking into account the diversity reflected in members’ scientific expertise and experience, research interests, geography, institution, ethnicity, and gender.

Each year, the Nominating Committee develops a slate of qualified member candidates eligible to stand for election to the AAI Council and to the five AAI committees that include elected members: the Awards Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, Program Committee, and Publications Committee.

The slate of candidates developed by the Nominating Committee is submitted for consideration by the AAI Council, which approves those to be invited to stand as candidates in the annual AAI election.


Erika L. Pearce, Ph.D. (’24), Chair
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Gregory M. Barton, Ph.D. (’24)
Professor and HHMI Investigator
University of California, Berkeley

De’Broski R. Herbert, Ph.D. (’24)
Penn Presidential Professor of Immunology
University of Pennsylvania

Barbara L. Kee, Ph.D. (’24)
University of Chicago

Laura Santambrogio, M.D., Ph.D. (’24)
Associate Director for Precision Immunology
Englander Institute for Precision Medicine
Weill Cornell Medicine

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