AAI History Projects

In the process of historical research at AAI, including for the Newsletter articles, history exhibits for the annual meeting, the centennials of AAI and The Journal of Immunology, and others smaller projects, so many interesting things needed to be left out. In this section, we have taken those interesting historical tidbits and created smaller, online-only pieces. We are also presenting items from earlier projects into topical collections to better understand the importance of AAI members in the development of immunology.



Immunology in Material Culture

Smithsonian Archive

Immunology in Material Culture features highlighting objects in museums connected to the history of immunology. Material culture consists of the physical objects that help us understand cultural and social relations. These artifacts illustrate the role of immunology throughout history.

Recognizing Black Immunologists

William Augustus Hinton

Historically, Black Americans are underrepresented in scientific fields, and that is true of immunology as well. However, though their numbers are small, their contributions to the field are mighty, and their work has done much to advance the body of knowledge. Here we highlight contributions to the field and the AAI by Black Americans.


Women in Immunology

“Women in Immunology” is dedicated to preserving the historical accounts we do have and continuing to highlight women who influence the field and will impact immunology and AAI in the future. It includes articles published in the AAI Newsletter and oral histories.

History of The JI

“The Journal of Immunology: Over a Century of Excellence” includes articles on the history of The JI, publications of Nobel Laureates in The JI, Editors-in-Chief, Past and Present, top covers in the first 100 years, and more.


Recognizing AAPI Contributions to Immunology

AAI recognizes the vital contributions to the field of immunology from Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) scientists. Since the dawn of the 20th century, Asian American scientists have been at the forefront of biomedical research. Here we present stories of some important AAPI immunologists through our history.

AAI Courses in Immunology

First Course pamphlet

“The AAI Summer Courses in Immunology” explores the origins of the AAI Advanced and Introductory Courses in Immunology. Find out more about the origins of both courses as well as a map detailing the locations of all of the past courses.


National Immunization Awareness Month

Many AAI members have been instrumental in the basic science discoveries that led to the possibility of being immunized against a plethora of diseases. They have also developed numerous vaccines, both for routine immunizations and against more uncommon infections. Learn about the more than 100 years of critical vaccine research and development undertaken by AAI members.

Annual Meeting Exhibits

Since 2013, AAI has featured history exhibits at the annual meeting. These have largely focused on AAI members and immunology research in the city and state the meeting took place. To view some of the past exhibits, click here.

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