Distinguished Fellows of AAI—Class of 2024

This program annually recognizes members for distinguished careers and outstanding scientific contributions as well as their service to AAI and the immunology community. Click here for more information on this award.

John P. Atkinson
John P. Atkinson, M.D. (AAI ’75)
Washington Univ. Sch. of Med., St. Louis, USA
Bonnie Blomberg
Bonnie B. Blomberg, Ph.D. (AAI ’82)
Univ. of Miami Miller Sch. of Med., USA
Prosper N. Boyaka
Prosper N. Boyaka, Ph.D. (AAI ’98)
Ohio State Univ., USA
Vivian L. Braciale
Vivian Lam Braciale, Ph.D. (AAI ’82)
Michael B. Brenner
Michael B. Brenner, M.D. (AAI ’88)
Brigham and Women’s Hosp. and Harvard Med. Sch., USA
Randy R. Brutkiewicz
Randy R. Brutkiewicz, Ph.D. (AAI ’89)
Indiana Univ. Sch. of Med., USA
Arturo Casadevall
Arturo Casadevall, M.D., Ph.D. (AAI ’98)
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Sch. of Pub. Hlth., Johns Hopkins Sch. of Med., USA
Hilde Cheroutre
Hilde Cheroutre, Ph.D. (AAI ’98)
La Jolla Inst. for Immunol., USA
Chen Dong
Chen Dong, Ph.D. (AAI ’97)
Westlake Univ. Sch. of Med., CHN
Michael Edidin
Michael A. Edidin, Ph.D. (AAI ’77)
Johns Hopkins Univ., USA
Patricia J. Gearhart
Patricia J. Gearhart, Ph.D. (AAI ’77)
David A Hafler
David A. Hafler, M.D. (AAI ’84)
Yale Sch. of Med., USA
John T. Harty
John T. Harty, Ph.D. (AAI ’95)
Univ. of Iowa, USA
Barton F. Haynes
Barton F. Haynes, M.D. (AAI ’80)
Duke Univ., USA
Christopher L. Karp
Christopher L. Karp, M.D. (AAI ’95)
Bill & Melinda Gates Fndn., USA
Gary A. Koretzky
Gary A. Koretzky*, M.D., Ph.D. (AAI ’92)
Weill Cornell Med., Cornell Univ., USA
Frances E. Lund
Frances E. Lund, Ph.D. (AAI ’98)
Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham, USA
Ellen R. Richie
Ellen R. Richie, Ph.D. (AAI ’74)
Univ. of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Ctr., USA
Mark J. Shlomchik
Mark J. Shlomchik, M.D., Ph.D. (AAI ’96)
Univ. of Pittsburgh Sch. of Med., USA
Joanne L. Viney
Joanne L. Viney, Ph.D. (AAI ’97)
Seismic Therapeut., USA
Steven F. Ziegler
Steven F. Ziegler, Ph.D. (AAI ’95)
Benaroya Res. Inst., USA
Albert Zlotnik
Albert Zlotnik, Ph.D. (AAI ’85)
Univ. of California, Irvine, USA
* AAI Past President

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