Distinguished Fellows of AAI—Class of 2020

This program annually recognizes members for distinguished careers and outstanding scientific contributions as well as their service to AAI and the immunology community. Click here for more information on this award.

Rafi Ahmed, Ph.D. (AAI ’84)
Emory University School of Medicine

Frederick W. Alt, Ph.D. (AAI ’92)
HHMI, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Hugh Auchincloss, M.D. (AAI ’83)

Leslie J. Berg, Ph.D. (AAI ’94) * 
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Michael J. Bevan, Ph.D. (AAI ’78)
University of Washington

Michael P. Cancro, Ph.D. (AAI ’79)
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Harvey Cantor, M.D. (AAI ’75)
Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

David D. Chaplin, M.D., Ph.D. (AAI ’86)
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Marc Feldmann, Ph.D., M.B.B.S. (AAI ’75)
Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology

Richard A. Flavell, Ph.D. (AAI ’90)
HHMI, Yale University School of Medicine

B. J. Fowlkes, Ph.D. (AAI ’86)

Leroy E. Hood, M.D., Ph.D. (AAI ’69)
Providence St. Joseph Health, Institute for Systems Biology

Carl H. June, M.D. (AAI ’87)
University of Pennsylvania

John W. Kappler, Ph.D. (AAI ’74)
University of Colorado School of Medicine, National Jewish Health

Cathryn Nagler, Ph.D. (AAI ’90)
The University of Chicago

Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg, Ph.D. (AAI ’79)
University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute

Hidde L. Ploegh, Ph.D. (AAI ’93)
Boston Children's Hospital

Anjana Rao, Ph.D. (AAI ’90)
La Jolla Institute for Immunology

Jack L. Strominger, M.D. (AAI ’78)
Harvard University

Wayne M. Yokoyama, M.D. (AAI ’84) *
Washington University School of Medicine
*AAI Past President
ImmunoHorizons Past Editor-in-Chief

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