Women in Immunology

Women have always figured prominently in immunology and in The American Association of Immunologists (AAI). In fact, two of the 54 charter members of AAI were women—in an era when women in science and medicine were viewed by many in the scientific community as inferior to their male counterparts. But from the time of its founding, AAI had no gender restrictions, and women and men alike were elected as full members.

There were many trailblazing women in immunology, but because of gaps in the historical record, their accomplishments have been lost to history. The AAI History Office is dedicated to preserving the historical accounts we do have and continuing to highlight women who influence the field and will impact immunology and AAI in the future.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the amazing women in our field.


Articles from the AAI Newsletter

The following articles appeared in the AAI Newsletter beginning in 2012 to highlight the accomplishments and legacies of women in immunology. Many key developments in the field were made by women who often enjoyed less acclaim than their mail contemporaries. We continue to uncover stories of women who advanced science and had an impact on AAI.

From the AAI Oral History Project

Here we highlight the interviews of distinguished women who have participated in the AAI Oral History Project, begun in 2013, is a major initiative to provide contemporary investigators and the public a rare view into the lives and times of influential immunologists. Interviewees were asked about their family backgrounds, early interest in science, reasons for studying immunology, career and research highlights, the challenges in balancing professional and private lives, hobbies outside of the laboratory, major changes in immunology over the course of their careers, and the future of immunology and science in the United States. 

Committee on the Status of Women (CSOW)

Established in 1970 as the Committee on Women's Status, today the nine members of the CSOW are responsible for generating and developing programs that assure equal treatment of all professional immunologists on the basis of merit. The committee focuses on enhancing career opportunities that advance the involvement and recognition of women immunologists in the scientific community. To learn more about the committee, click here.

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