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The American Association of Immunologists, founded in 1913, is dedicated to advancing the field of immunology and fostering development opportunities for researchers at every career stage. Its members work together to address common interests and push forward the boundaries of knowledge.

2023 AAI Election Results

AAI congratulates the thirteen members recently elected to seats on the AAI Council and AAI Committees for terms commencing on July 1. AAI extends a sincere thanks to all candidates who stood for election and to the voting members who participated in the balloting.

Meet the new AAI Council and committee members

Jenna Guthmiller, Ph.D. (AAI ’22), is one of four scientists selected by The Michelson Medical Research Foundation and the Human Immunome Project to receive a Michelson Prizes: Next Generation Grant.
Ira Mellman, Ph.D. (AAI ’11), has received the Lloyd J. Old Award for outstanding and innovative research that has had a major impact on the cancer field and has the potential to stimulate new directions in cancer immunology.
Aviv Regev, Ph.D. (AAI ’19), was named one of the Fiercest Women in Life Sciences by Fierce Pharma.
David Schatz, Ph.D. (AAI ’97), won the 2023 Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize.
AAI members Federica Sallusto, D.Sc. (AAI ’14), Bojan Polic, M.D., Ph.D. (AAI ’13), and Winfried F. Pickl, M.D. (AAI ’08), have been elected to the EFIS Board for 2022–2024.
George Karagiannis, D.V.M., Ph.D. (AAI ’19), and Shivashankar Othy, D.V.M., Ph.D. (AAI ’13), have received the SLB Excellence in Leukocyte Biology Early-Career Award.
Timothy A. Springer, Ph.D. (AAI ’79), has received the 2022 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award.
Judy Lieberman, M.D., Ph.D. (AAI ’96), Feng Shao, Ph.D. (AAI ’18), and Vishva Dixit, M.D. (AAI ’16), have received the William B. Coley Award from the Cancer Research Institute.
Smita Krishnaswamy, Ph.D. (AAI ’21), is the recipient of the 2022 FASEB Excellence in Science Early-Career Investigator Award. This award recognizes women early in their research career whose research has contributed significantly to a particular discipline in biological science.
Arlene Sharpe, M.D., Ph.D. (’97), received FASEB’s 2022 Excellence in Science Lifetime Achievement Award. This award honors female scientists who are making an impact in the biological and biomedical research community.
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Following are recent obituaries. To view the AAI In Memoriam Page, click here.

John Bienenstock, FRCP, FRCPC, FRSC (AAI ’69), professor, McMaster Brain-Body Institute, St. Joseph's Healthcare (d. 7/25/2022)
Ji Ming Wang, M.D., Ph.D. (AAI ’03), senior investigator and head of the Chemoattractant Receptor and Signal Section in the Cancer Innovation Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), NIH (d. 12/24/2022)
Emil R. Unanue, M.D., DFAAI (AAI ’66), the Paul & Ellen Lacy Professor, Department of Pathology and Immunology at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (d. 12/16/2022)
James W. Thomas II, M.D. (AAI ’83), professor of medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (d. 11/16/2022)
Joost J. Oppenheim, M.D. DFAAI (AAI ’68), senior investigator and head of the Cellular Immunology Section in the Cancer Innovation Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), NIH (d. 5/14/2022)
Matthew F. Mescher, Ph.D., AAI '79, Professor Emeritus and former Virginia and David C. Utz Land Grant Chair in Fundamental Immunobiology, University of Minnesota (d. 12/21/2021)
Thomas A. Waldmann, M.D., AAI '71, Distinguished Investigator and Chief Emeritus, Lymphoid Malignancies Branch, National Cancer Institute, NIH (d. 9/25/2021)
Christine A. Biron, Ph.D., DFAAI (AAI '84), Esther Elizabeth Brintzenhoff Professor of Medical Science, Brown University (d. 10/16/2021)
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