Become an AAI Campaign Champion

Thank you for your interest in the AAI Public Awareness Campaign and in becoming a Campaign Champion!

AAI members have the power to spread the word about immunology and their own work. Any member engagement with the campaign helps build on and strengthen AAI's engagement with the public and the media.

Engaging the public has value because it can:

  • educate and familiarize the public with immunology
  • influence policymaking on issues critical to AAI members
  • build the profiles of individual AAI members in their communities and networks.

You can still be a successful campaign champion even if you have no prior media or social media experience—just by drawing upon your professional expertise and passion for your work! You can also refer to information from the "Giving an Effective Media Interview" session at IMMUNOLOGY2023™ (we will provide you with a reference sheet from the session).

There are two ways you can be a Campaign Champion:

  • Sign up to be a media champion: AAI may contact champions when a media inquiry is received or a media opportunity arises.
  • Sign up to be a social media champion: AAI will provide you with a social media toolkit with content to share with your social media followers (we are especially interested in AAI members who engage frequently on social media and have large followings of scientists or consumers)
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