Wendy L. Havran Wendy L. Havran, Ph.D., AAI ’85

Wendy Havran Tributes

In Memoriam
by AAI

Dr. Wendy Havran was widely known as a leader in the field of gamma delta T cell biology, for her commitment to mentoring the next generation of scientists, and for her dedicated service to the profession through volunteer leadership on AAI committees. She was selected to present an AAI Distinguished Lecture at IMMUNOLOGY2020™ in Hawaii and had served at past AAI meetings as an invited major symposium chair and speaker and Abstract Programming Chair.

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In Memoriam
by Adrian C. Hayday, Ph.D. (AAI ’91)

In the enshrouding darkness of a gloomy mid-winter evening in England, I learned in disbelief of the death that morning of a long-standing friend and deeply admired colleague, Dr. Wendy Havran, who had suffered a fatal cardiac arrest following an acute illness. Before the night was out, it seemed that the whole world was on a single time zone as outpourings of shock and sadness and condolence flooded in from all points of the compass. Such was the respect that Wendy commanded for her iconoclastic scholarship, her elegant experimental studies, her training and mentorship, and for simply being such an effortlessly kind person. There was instant recognition that the immunology community had lost a stand-out figure, a loyal advocate, and a dear friend.

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