Stanhope Bayne-Jones, M.D.

Stanhope Bayne-Jones

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Stanhope Bayne-Jones (1888–1970) was the seventeenth president of the American Association of Immunologists, serving from 1930 to 1931. He held several prominent positions in academia and served the U.S. government in both military and civilian capacities.

Bayne-Jones received his M.D. from the Johns Hopkins University in 1914 and remained at the Johns Hopkins Hospital as house officer (1914–1915) and resident pathologist (1915–1916). He was chosen to head the new Laboratory of Bacteriology and Immunology there in 1916, but, in May 1917, he sailed for Europe to serve in the First World War. His post-war academic appointments included professor of pathology at Johns Hopkins (1920–1923), professor of bacteriology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry (1923–1932), professor of bacteriology (1932–1947) and dean (1935–1940) of the Yale University School of Medicine, and master of Trumbull College at Yale University (1932–1938).

Returning to active duty during the Second World War, Bayne-Jones attained the rank of brigadier general in 1944. He subsequently became president of the Joint Administrative Board of the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center (1947–1953), technical director of research for the Office of the Surgeon General (1953–1956), and chair of the Secretary’s Consultants on Medical Research and Education (1957–1958), a committee charged with establishing guidelines for National Institutes of Health (NIH) research following the dramatic NIH budget increase of 1957.

 Oral History - Full Interview

Stanhope Bayne-Jones: an oral history, National Library of Medicine

  • Interviewed by Harlan B. Phillips, March 31–July 28, 1966
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 AAI Service History

Joined: 1917
President: 1930–1931
Councillor: 1929–1930, 1931–1935

The Journal of Immunology
Associate Editor: 1936–1949

 President's Address

"Karl Landsteiner: Nobel Prize Laureate in Medicine, 1930," Delivered April 1, 1931

Science 73, no. 1901 (1931): 599-604.

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