Paul R. Cannon, Ph.D., M.D.

Paul R. Cannon

 Brief Bio

Paul Roberts Cannon (1892–1986) was the twenty-eighth president of the American Association of Immunologists, serving from 1941 to 1942. He was a professor in the Department of Pathology at the University of Chicago from 1925 to 1957 and chaired the department from 1940 to 1957.

Cannon earned his Ph.D. in bacteriology at the University of Chicago in 1921. For the next two years, he lived in Oxford, Mississippi, where he was professor of pathology and bacteriology at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. In 1923, he returned to Chicago and enrolled in Rush Medical College. He joined the faculty of the University of Chicago as a professor in the Department of Pathology in 1925 and earned his M.D. at Rush the following year. He was appointed chair of the department in 1940 and held the position until his retirement in 1957.

 AAI Service History

Joined: 1929
President: 1941–1942
Councillor: 1940–1941, 1942–1948

The Journal of Immunology
Associate Editor: 1936–1942, 1947–1954
Editorial Board: 1943–1947

Committee Appointed to Consider Improvements in the Constitution of the Federation so as to Meet the Changing and Growing Needs and Responsibilities: 1956–1957 (chair)

 President's Address

"Antibodies and the Protein-Reserves," Delivered April 2, 1942

The Journal of Immunology 44, no. 2 (1942): 107–14.

 Awards and Honors

  • Member, National Academy of Sciences, 1946

 Institutional/Biographical Links

  • Rowley, Donald A. "Paul R. Cannon." In Remembering the University of Chicago, Teachers, Scientists, and Scholars, edited by Edward Shils, 15–31. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1991.

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