Alfred Nisonoff, Ph.D.

Alfred Nisonoff

 Brief Bio

Alfred Nisonoff (1923–2001) was the seventy-fourth president of the American Association of Immunologists, serving from 1990 to 1991. He was a professor of biology at the Rosentiel Research Center of Brandeis University from 1975 to 1993.

Nisonoff received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the Johns Hopkins University in 1951. He was a research chemist for the U.S. Rubber Company (1952–1954) before joining David Pressman’s (AAI ’49) laboratory at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, New York, as a cancer research scientist (1954–1960). From 1960 to 1966, Nisonoff was on the faculty of the University of Illinois, Urbana, where he rose from associate professor to professor of microbiology. He then served as professor (1966–1975) and chair (1969–1975) of the Department of Biological Chemistry at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago before moving to Massachusetts and joining the faculty at Brandeis in 1975. Upon his retirement from Brandeis in 1993, Nisonoff was named emeritus professor of biology.

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 AAI Service History

Joined: 1960
President: 1990–1991
Vice President: 1989–1990
Councilor: 1985–1989

The Journal of Immunology
Associate Editor: 1962–1966, 1969–1971, 1980–1982
Section Editor: 1972–1974
Editorial Board: 1975–1979
Nominating Committee: 1968–1969, 1979–1980
First International Congress of Immunology Committee: 1970–1972
Ad hoc Committee on Public Relations: 1972–1973
Awards Committee: 1982–1985

Other Service
AAI Representative to FASEB Finance Committee: 1987–1991
AAI Representative to FASEB Board: 1989–1991

 President's Address

"Idiotypes: Concepts and Applications," Delivered April 23, 1991

The Journal of Immunology 147, no. 8 (1991): 2429–38.

 Awards and Honors

  • Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1982
  • Member, National Academy of Sciences, 1984

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