Ralph M. SteinmanPublications of Ralph M. Steinman, 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, in The Journal of Immunology:


Treml4, an Ig Superfamily Member, Mediates Presentation of Several Antigens to T Cells In Vivo, Including Protective Immunity to HER2 Protein
Hiroaki Hemmi, Neeha Zaidi, Bei Wang, Ines Matos, Christopher Fiorese, Ashira Lubkin, Lori Zbytnuik, Koji Suda, Kenneth Zhang, Masaki Noda, Tsuneyasu Kaisho, Ralph M. Steinman, and Juliana Idoyaga
J Immunol 2012 188:1147-1155; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1102541

New Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells (Trem) Family Member, Trem-Like 4, Binds to Dead Cells and Is a DNAX Activation Protein 12-Linked Marker for Subsets of Mouse Macrophages and Dendritic Cells
Hiroaki Hemmi, Juliana Idoyaga, Koji Suda, Nao Suda, Kathleen Kennedy, Masaki Noda, Alan Aderem, and Ralph M. Steinman
J Immunol 2009 182:1278-1286; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.182.3.1278

CD8+CD205+ Splenic Dendritic Cells Are Specialized to Induce Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells
Sayuri Yamazaki, Diana Dudziak, Gordon F. Heidkamp, Christopher Fiorese, Anthony J. Bonito, Kayo Inaba, Michel C. Nussenzweig, and Ralph M. Steinman
J Immunol 2008 181:6923-6933; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.181.10.6923

Cutting Edge: Langerin/CD207 Receptor on Dendritic Cells Mediates Efficient Antigen Presentation on MHC I and II Products In Vivo
Juliana Idoyaga, Cheolho Cheong, Koji Suda, Nao Suda, Jae Y. Kim, Haekyung Lee, Chae Gyu Park, and Ralph M. Steinman
J Immunol 2008 180:3647-3650; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.180.6.3647

Dendritic Cell Targeting of Survivin Protein in a Xenogeneic Form Elicits Strong CD4+ T Cell Immunity to Mouse Survivin
Anna Charalambous, Margarita Oks, Godwin Nchinda, Sayuri Yamazaki, and Ralph M. Steinman
J Immunol 2006 177:8410-8421; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.177.12.8410

HIV-1 Selectively Infects a Subset of Nonmaturing BDCA1-Positive Dendritic Cells in Human Blood
Angela Granelli-Piperno, Irina Shimeliovich, Maggi Pack, Christine Trumpfheller, and Ralph M. Steinman
J Immunol 2006 176:991-998; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.176.2.991

Dendritic Cell-Specific Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 3-Grabbing Nonintegrin/CD209 Is Abundant on Macrophages in the Normal Human Lymph Node and Is Not Required for Dendritic Cell Stimulation of the Mixed Leukocyte Reaction
Angela Granelli-Piperno, Alla Pritsker, Maggi Pack, Irina Shimeliovich, Jean-Francois Arrighi, Chae Gyu Park, Christine Trumpfheller, Vincent Piguet, Thomas M. Moran, and Ralph M. Steinman
J Immunol 2005 175:4265-4273; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.175.7.4265

Dendritic Cells Charged with Apoptotic Tumor Cells Induce Long-Lived Protective CD4+ and CD8+ T Cell Immunity against B16 Melanoma
Romina S. Goldszmid, Juliana Idoyaga, Alicia I. Bravo, Ralph Steinman, José Mordoh, and Rosa Wainstok
J Immunol 2003 171:5940-5947; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.171.11.5940 5

Endogenously Expressed nef Uncouples Cytokine and Chemokine Production from Membrane Phenotypic Maturation in Dendritic Cells
Davorka Messmer, Jean-Marc Jacqué, Christine Santisteban, Cynthia Bristow, Seol-Young Han, Lorley Villamide-Herrera, Erin Mehlhop, Preston A. Marx, Ralph M. Steinman, Agegnehu Gettie, and Melissa Pope
J Immunol 2002 169:4172-4182; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.169.8.4172

Expression of a Functional Eotaxin (CC Chemokine Ligand 11) Receptor CCR3 by Human Dendritic Cells
Sylvie Beaulieu, Davide F. Robbiani, Xixuan Du, Elaine Rodrigues, Ralf Ignatius, Yang Wei, Paul Ponath, James W. Young, Melissa Pope, Ralph M. Steinman, and Svetlana Mojsov
J Immunol 2002 169:2925-2936; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.169.6.2925

T Cell Studies in a Peptide-Induced Model of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Magi Khalil, Kayo Inaba, Ralph Steinman, Jeffrey Ravetch, and Betty Diamond
J Immunol 2001 166:1667-1674; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.166.3.1667

Dendritic Cells, Infected with Vesicular Stomatitis Virus-Pseudotyped HIV-1, Present Viral Antigens to CD4+ and CD8+ T Cells from HIV-1-Infected Individuals
Angela Granelli-Piperno, Lei Zhong, Patrick Haslett, Jeffrey Jacobson, and Ralph M. Steinman
J Immunol 2000 165:6620-6626; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.165.11.6620

Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Decreases Expression of HLA-DR and CD86 by Human Dendritic Cells and Dampens Dendritic Cell-Driven T Cell-Proliferative Responses Via the Type I Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Receptor
John A. Carucci, Ralf Ignatius, Yang Wei, Aaron M. Cypess, David A. Schaer, Melissa Pope, Ralph M. Steinman, and Svetlana Mojsov
J Immunol 2000 164:3494-3499; doi:10.4049/jimmunol.164.7.3494

Vaccinia Virus Inhibits the Maturation of Human Dendritic Cells: A Novel Mechanism of Immune Evasion
Jose Engelmayer, Marie Larsson, Marion Subklewe, Ann Chahroudi, William I. Cox, Ralph M. Steinman, and Nina Bhardwaj
J Immunol 1999 163:6762-6768

TRANCE, a TNF Family Member, Is Differentially Expressed on T Cell Subsets and Induces Cytokine Production in Dendritic Cells
Régis Josien, Brian R. Wong, Hong-Li Li, Ralph M. Steinman, and Yongwon Choi
J Immunol 1999 162:2562-2568

IL-6/IFN-beta 2 in synovial effusions of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritides. Identification of several isoforms and studies of cellular sources
N Bhardwaj, U Santhanam, L L Lau, S B Tatter, J Ghrayeb, M Rivelis, R M Steinman, P B Sehgal, and L T May
J Immunol 1989 143:2153-9

Growth factor production and requirements during the proliferative response of human T lymphocytes to anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody
A Granelli-Piperno, M Keane, and R M Steinman
J Immunol 1989 142:4138-43

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