AAI Offices and Staff

Office of the Executive Director

M. Michele Hogan, Ph.D., Executive Director; 301-634-7178; envelope

Anna Chareon, Photographer/Photo Archivist; 301-634-7183, envelope

Cecilia Dominguez, Administrative Services Manager; 301-634-7230,


For financial and accounting matters, please contact:

Maria Zavarello, CPA, CGMA, Director of Finance; 301-634-7818, envelope

Vivian Chin, Senior Accountant; 301-634-7830, envelope

Chhanda Das, Accounting Assistant; 301-634-7784, envelope

History and Archives

For inquiries regarding issues of historic interest about AAI, The Journal of Immunology, AAI members, or the field of immunology, please contact:

John Emrich, Ph.D., Historian/Archivist; 301-634-7941, envelope

Charles Richter, History Intern; 301-634-7832, envelope


For inquiries on becoming a member, renewing a membership, member benefits, or purchasing a mailing list or optional journals, please contact:

Jennifer J. Woods, Membership Manager; 301-634-7195, envelope

Kathy Croft, Membership Services Assistant; 301-634-7822, envelope

Career Development and Awards

For information about AAI courses, awards or travel grants, or other career development programs, please contact:

Mary T. Litzinger, Ph.D., Manager of Educational and Career Development Programs; 301-634-7820, envelope

Courtney R. Pinard, Ph.D. Education and Awards Program Specialist; 301-634-7826, envelope


For Newsletter inquiries, newsworthy information for or regarding AAI members, job postings, or media inquiries, please contact:

Michael W. Cuddy, M.A., Webmaster/Association Publications; 301-634-7779, envelope

Content Licensing and Subscriptions

For inquiries regarding subscriptions to The Journal of Immunology, please contact:

Claire O'Neill Sinks, Manager, Content Licensing and Subscriptions Sales; 301-634-7805, envelope


For inquiries regarding the AAI Annual Meeting or AAI Summer Courses, please contact:

Joanna Ward, CMP, Director of Meetings; 301-634-7920, envelope

Caroline Lacey, CEM, Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales Manager; 301-634-7821, envelope

Gale Q. Guerrieri, CMP, Meetings Manager; 301-634-7399; envelope

Public Policy and Government Affairs

For inquiries about legislative and regulatory issues, position statements, policy reports and the AAI Public Policy Fellows Program, please contact:

Lauren G. Gross, J.D., Director of Public Policy & Government Affairs; 301-634-7743, envelope

Jacob Schumacher, Manager, Science Policy and Legislative Affairs; 301-634-7744, envelope

Lauren Lepone Brodd, Ph.D., Science Policy Analyst; 301-634-7745, envelope

Editorial Office of The Journal of Immunology and ImmunoHorizons

Please direct all inquiries regarding the submission of a manuscript or the status of a manuscript in process to:
Executive Management
M. Michele Hogan, Ph.D., Executive Editor
Mary L. Chang, ELS, Senior Editorial Manager

Science Management
Ellen C. Fox, Ph.D., Science Associate I
Irina Tiper, Ph.D., Science Associate I
Marjorie Cohn, Ph.D., Science Consultant

Editorial Assistance
Karen Chung O, Senior Editorial Assistant
Hanh Wong, Senior Editorial Assistant

Editorial Support and Production
Joanne McCulloch, Production Coordinator
Linder Pak-Gerner, Peer Review Assistant/Web Coordinator I
Kimberly Thorpe, Online Journal Specialist
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Executive Office

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Editorial Office

The Journal of Immunology
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301-634-7197 (phone)
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