Distinguished Lecturers

2018 – Austin

  • Jeffrey A. Bluestone, Univ. of California, San Francisco, Treg-mediated immune tolerance in health and disease
  • Pamela J. Fink, Univ. of Washington Sch. of Med., Educating T cells from the cradle through adolescence
  • Randolph J. Noelle, Dartmouth Geisel Sch. of Med., A panoramic VISTA of the immune system

2017 – Washington, DC

  • Giorgio Trinchieri, NCI, NIH, Cancer as a disease of the metaorganism
  • Ellen A. Robey, Univ. of California, Berkeley, Factors that determine T cell fate in the thymus
  • Gabriel Núñez, Univ. of Michigan, Pathogens, the microbiota, and immunity at the intestinal barrier

2016 – Seattle

  • John J. O’Shea, NIAMS, NIH, Cytokine signaling: genes, genomes, and drugs
  • Susan K. Pierce, NIAID, NIH, How B cells adapt in a changing world
  • Ulrich H. von Andrian, Harvard Medical School, Career decisions: how T cells remember pathogens

2015 – New Orleans

  • Dennis R. Burton, Scripps Research Institute, Broadly neutralizing antibodies evolved to counter the structure and variability of HIV and provide a basis for vaccine design
  • Christine A. Biron, Brown University, Fuzzy borders in innate and adaptive immunity: experience conditions NK and CD8 T cell responses during viral infection
  • Albert S. Bendelac, University of Chicago, Innate and innate-like lymphocytes

2014 – Pittsburgh

  • Kristin A. Hogquist, University of Minnesota Center for Immunology, Self reactivity in T cell selection and homeostasis
  • Ellen V. Rothenberg, California Institute of Technology, Gene regulatory pathways to T cell identity
  • Mark J. Shlomchik, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, NETworks in lupus: T-B or not T-B, DC is the question

2013 – Honolulu

  • Ruslan Medzhitov, HHMI, Yale School of Medicine, Inflammation in health and disease
  • Jenny P.-Y. Ting, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The broad impact of NLRs on immunity and beyond
  • Stephen M. Hedrick, Univ. of California, San Diego, The unique habitat of human beings and how this impacts our understanding of persistent infections, epidemics, and the evolution of memory

2012 – Boston

  • Anne O'Garra, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Regulation of the immune response in tuberculosis: from mouse models to human disease
  • Vijay K. Kuchroo, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Transcriptional regulation of Tregs and Th17 cells
  • David H. Raulet, Univ. of California, Berkeley, Innate natural killer receptors and their ligands: regulation in cancer, infection, inflammatory disease, and steady state

2011 – San Francisco

  • Jeffrey V. Ravetch, Rockefeller Univ., The antibody paradox
  • Ann Marshak-Rothstein, Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School, From PAMPs to DAMPs to SLE
  • Jason G. Cyster, HHMI, Univ. of California, San Francisco, Lymphocyte migration and the humoral immune response

2010 – Baltimore

  • Alan Sher, NIAID, NIH, Learning immunoregulation from parasites
  • Pamela S. Ohashi, Univ. of Toronto, Breaking T cell tolerance to tissue/tumor antigens: a perspective
  • Mitchell Kronenberg, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, Natural killer T cells ignite the immune response to microbes by acting like innate immune cells

2009 –

M. Sykes
J.C. Cambier
A.Y. Rudensky

2008 –

K. Calame
H. Singh
M. K. Jenkins

2007 –

D. R. Littman
M. C. Nussenzweig
A. Rao

2006 –

R. N. Germain
C. C. Goodnow
A. Sharpe

2005 –

B. Beutler
B. J. Fowlkes
R. Locksley

2004 –

K. Bottomly
L. L. Lanier
J. Sprent

2003 –

P. Marrack
K. Karre
R. M. Steinman

2002 –

R. Flavell
E. Unanue
I. Weissman

2001 –

P. J. Bjorkman
A. Lanzavecchia
R. Ahmed

2000 –

R. Zinkernagel
T. Honjo
H. von Boehmer

1999 –

D. Mathis
K. Rajewsky
P. Cresswell

1998 –

P. Doherty
K. Murphy
C. Thompson

1997 –

H. Metzger
D. Capra
A. Weiss

1996 –

M. Bevan
K. Fisher-Lindahl

1995 –

L. Glimcher
O. Witte
F. Alt

1994 –

C.P. Terhorst
R. Perlmutter
P. Greenberg

1993 –

H. Eisen (B-H Lecture)
J. P. Allison

1992 –

H. O. McDevitt (B-H Lecture)
P. Marrack
S. J. Korsmeyer

1991 –

W. C. Greene
P. Leder
L. Hood

1990 –

D. Baltimore (B-H Lecture)
T. Boon (NCI)
S. Gillis

1989 –

J.L. Strominger
C. Griscelli
R. H. Buckley
M. M. Davis

1988 –

S. Tonegawa
H. M. Grey
A. S. Fauci
P. Marrack

1987 –

M. L. Gefter
F. W. Fitch
R. S. Nussenzweig

1986 –

G. Klein
E. S. Vitetta
R. H. Schwartz

1985 –

J.W. Kappler

1984 –

M. D Cooper
J. L. Strominger

1983 –

L. Hood
M. E. Koshland
W. E. Paul
K. F. Austen

1982 –

R. W. Dutton
P.S. Russell
R. Wall

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