AAI Undergraduate Science Faculty Program

  Deadline for 2017-2018 Applications: March 15, 2017

The field of immunology has been one of the most rapidly advancing in all of bioscience and its impact on science and medicine over the past few decades has been revolutionary. Scholarly publications as well as the popular press feature the marvels of the immune system almost daily as we learn about medical advances such as organ transplantation and vaccines; controversies such as the use of stem cells; and devastating diseases such as HIV and cancer. Undergraduate faculty would welcome more formal exposure to the field to be able to impart its excitement fluently to their students. To assist them, this AAI program offers undergraduate faculty members the opportunity to attend an intensive introductory course in immunology and also take part in a hands-on laboratory experience.

By helping faculty teach immunology to undergraduate students, develop curricula, and form research collaborations, we hope to enhance their ability to introduce undergraduate students to the excitement and experimental approaches that define the field of immunology and, at the same time, promote research opportunities available to scientists at undergraduate teaching institutions.

Undergraduate faculty members whose institutions do not have an immunology curriculum can participate in A, or A and B:

  1. An opportunity to attend the AAI Introductory Course in Immunology. This is an intensive, week-long course taught by renowned immunologists at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center. The course covers the basic elements of immunology. We recommend that participants take the course prior to any laboratory experience.
  2. An opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of an AAI member with a successful research program. The laboratory will be located near the applicant to reduce the need for extensive travel. Faculty will spend 6-8 weeks on a project where they will be exposed to current immunological questions and experimental techniques.

Participating faculty will be required to:

  1. Develop a lecture course or unit for undergraduates on the fundamentals and experimental approaches of immunology.
  2. Develop an assessment tool such as a "before & after" quiz to gauge the value of the unit.

Syllabi from these curricular units will be archived on the AAI website for use by other faculty and institutions.

To Apply

An application form requesting professional background, research interests, and career goals must be submitted by the faculty member. Submit applications by email to Dr. Mary T. Litzinger at mlitzinger@aai.org and please put The AAI Undergraduate Science Faculty Program in the subject line.

Questions about the application process? Please contact the AAI offices at infoaai@aai.org, or (301) 634-7178.

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