AAI Undergraduate Faculty Travel Grant 2019 Recipients

AAI is supporting travel grants to undergraduate faculty to assist them in attending the AAI annual meeting. The grant will also support travel costs for an undergraduate student of the recipient's selection. Click here for more information on this award.

Year ▲RecipientInstitution
2019Anil K. Bamezai, Ph.D.Villanova Univ.
2019Constantine Bitsaktsis, Ph.D.Seton Hall Univ.
2019Maurizio Costabile, Ph.D.Univ. of South Australia
2019Jessica Cottrell, Ph.D.Seton Hall Univ.
2019Keith E. Garrison, Ph.D.St. Mary's Col. of California
2019Melanie R. Gubbels Bupp, Ph.D.Randolph-Macon Col.
2019Kyle C. McKenna, Ph.D.Franciscan Univ. of Steubenville
2019Michael Opata, Ph.D.Appalachian State Univ.
2019Edith Porter, M.D.California State Univ., Los Angeles
2019Alan Schenkel, Ph.D.Colorado State Univ.
2019Michelle Snyder, Ph.D.Towson Univ.

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