AAI Outreach Program

The AAI Outreach Program provides career development opportunities for young investigators and supports AAI members in their volunteer efforts in the field. The program supports various activities such as podium and poster presentation awards, student workshops, and career sessions at member-organized immunology meetings.


To be eligible for support, a meeting must:

  1. Be organized on a volunteer basis by an AAI Regular, Associate, or Trainee member in good standing
  2. Include immunology prominently in the meeting program
  3. Have an open registration without specific institutional or employment affiliations
  4. Offer presentation opportunities for young investigators (students and postdoctoral fellows)

Meetings organized or supported by corporations, universities or colleges, government entities, non-profit member-based societies, and non-profit meeting organizations are generally not eligible. This program does not support internal department meetings or retreats.

Supported Activities

Examples of past recipients (with supported activities):

  • Autumn Immunology Conference (abstract presentation awards, undergraduate workshop, careers roundtable)
  • Colorado Immunology Conference (abstract presentation awards, keynote address)
  • ImmunologyLA (abstract presentation awards, keynote address)
  • La Jolla Immunology Conference (abstract presentation awards)
  • Midwinter Conference of Immunologists (abstract presentation awards, keynote address)
  • Southeastern Immunology Symposium (abstract presentation awards, keynote address)
  • Upstate New York Immunology Conference (abstract presentation awards)

AAI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to select recipients as well as to determine levels of support.

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