AAI Excellence in Mentoring Award Past Recipients

A dedicated mentor significantly influences a trainee's professional development and career. This award recognizes the importance of this mentor-trainee relationship. AAI honors the award recipient's contributions to the profession through outstanding mentoring. Click here for more information on this award.

Year ▼RecipientInstitution
2020Jeffrey A. Bluestone, Ph.D.Univ. of California, San Francisco, and Sonoma Biotherapeutics
2019Harvey Cantor, M.D.Dana-Farber Cancer Inst., Harvard Med. Sch.
2018Marc K. Jenkins, Ph.D.Univ. of Minnesota Med. Sch.
2017Lewis L. Lanier, Ph.D.Univ. of California, San Francisco
2016Richard A. Flavell, Ph.D.HHMI, Yale Sch. of Med.
2015Rafi Ahmed, Ph.D.Emory Univ. Sch. of Med.
2014William E. Paul, M.D.NIAID, NIH
2013Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg, Ph.D. Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County
2012Max D. Cooper, M.D.Emory Univ. Sch. of Med.
2011Michael B.A. Oldstone, M.D.Scripps Res. Inst.
2010Jack L. Strominger, M.D.Harvard Univ.
2009David Baltimore, Ph.D.California Inst. of Technol.
2008Laurie H. Glimcher, M.D.Harvard Sch. of Publ. Hlth., Harvard Med. Sch.
2007Eli Sercarz, Ph.D.Torrey Pines Inst. for Molecular Studies
2006Norman R. Klinman, M.D., Ph.D.Scripps Res. Inst.
2005John J. Cebra, Ph.D.Univ. of Pennsylvania
2004Frank W. Fitch, M.D., Ph.D.Univ. of Chicago
2003Frederick W. Alt, Ph.D.HHMI, Boston Children's Hosp.
2003Judith A. Owen, Ph.D.Haverford Col.
2002Ellen S. Vitetta, Ph.D.Univ. of Texas Southwestern Med. Ctr.
2001Baruj Benacerraf, M.D.Dana-Farber Cancer Inst.
2000Michael J. Bevan, Ph.D., F.R.S.HHMI, Univ. of Washington
1999Ray D. Owen, Ph.D.California Inst. of Technol.
1998Matthew D. Scharff, M.D.Albert Einstein Col. of Med.

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