AAI In Memoriam

William Paul

Renowned immunologist and past AAI president William E. Paul, M.D. (AAI ’67), died on September 18, 2015. Dr. Paul was an AAI Council member 1982 – 1988, and served as AAI president from 1986 to 1987. Since 1970, Paul was chief of the Laboratory of Immunology at NIAID, NIH, where he achieved acclaim for groundbreaking work on T cell and cytokine biology, including the discovery of interleukin-4 and extensive research helping establish its role as a critical regulator of allergic and inflammatory diseases. He also contributed seminal research delineating the mechanisms by which naïve CD4+ T cells differentiated into T helper effector cells. Paul received numerous awards for his scientific accomplishments and dedication to his trainees including the AAI Lifetime Achievement Award (2002) and the AAI Excellence in Mentoring Award (2014). In addition to his service on Council, Paul was on many AAI committees (Awards, Finance, Nominating, and Program.) Paul served The Journal of Immunology as an associate and section editor and represented AAI in national and international organizations. For highlights of his AAI service and career achievements, and to view Paul's 2012 interview for the AAI Oral History Project, visit his profile in the History section of the AAI site. An AAI in memoriam appeared in the November 2015 issue of the AAI Newsletter and December 15, 2015, issue of The Journal of Immunology. An NIAID, NIH remembrance appears here; to view Paul’s 2014 retrospective on his career, published in the Annual Review of Immunology, click here.

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