AAI In Memoriam

Baruj Benacerraf

Nobel laureate (1980) and past AAI president (1973) Baruj Benacerraf, M.D. (AAI '57), died on August 2, 2011, at the age of 90. Benacerraf served as AAI president in 1973 and as a member of the AAI Council from 1968-1975. He was a member of various AAI committees, including the Committee on Public Affairs (1989-91), ad hoc Steering Committee for the International Congress (1968-69), First International Congress of Immunology Committee (1970-71), and ad hoc Committee on Public Relations (1972-73). Benacerraf served from 1968-72 as an associate editor for The Journal of Immunology (The JI) and was a member of The JI Editorial Board from 1972-79. The 2001 AAI Excellence in Mentoring Award honoree, Benacerraf was an AAI Plenary Lecturer at the 1980 AAI Annual Meeting and was one of four featured speakers for the special 75th AAI Anniversary Symposium, "Immunology in Perspective," at the 1988 AAI Annual Meeting. An AAI tribute authored by Ron Germain and Steve Burakoff, capturing the remembrances of many colleagues, was published in The Journal of Immunology and appeared in the October-November 2011 issue of the AAI Newsletter. For highlights of Benacerraf's AAI service and career achievements, visit his profile in the History section of the AAI site.

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