Women in Immunology

From the AAI Oral History Project

The AAI Oral History Project, begun in 2013, is a major initiative to provide contemporary investigators and the public a rare view into the lives and times of influential immunologists. Interviewees were asked about their family backgrounds, early interest in science, reasons for studying immunology, career and research highlights, the challenges in balancing professional and private lives, hobbies outside of the laboratory, major changes in immunology over the course of their careers, and the future of immunology and science in the United States. Here we highlight distinguished women AAI members.


Leslie J. Berg, DFAAI
President, 2011–2012
AAI '94

Gail A. Bishop, DFAAI
President, 2012–2013
AAI '84

Betty A. Diamond, DFAAI
President, 2009–2010
AAI '80

Pamela J. Fink, DFAAI
EIC, The JI, 2013–2018
AAI '87

Olivera J. Finn, DFAAI
President, 2007–2008
AAI '83


Laurie H. Glimcher, DFAAI
President, 2003–2004
AAI '83

Kristin A. Hogquist, DFAAI
AAI '81

Katherine L. Knight, DFAAI
President, 1996–1997
AAI '68


Philippa Marrack, DFAAI
President, 2000–2001
AAI '74

Linda A. Sherman, DFAAI
President, 2014–2015

Susan L. Swain, DFAAI
President, 2004–2005
AAI '77

Ellen S. Vitetta
President, 1993–1994
AAI '74


*DFAAI is the designation for Distinguished Fellow of AAI.

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