Cesar MilsteinPublications of César Milstein, 1984 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, in The Journal of Immunology:


Two steps in the intracellular transport of IgD are sensitive to energy depletion
Y Argon, J K Burkhardt, J M Leeds, and C Milstein
J Immunol 1989 142:554-61

Intracellular processing of membrane and secreted immunoglobulin delta-chains
Y Argon and C Milstein
J Immunol 1984 133:1627-34

Junctional diversity is essential to antibody activity
D J Jeske, J Jarvis, C Milstein, and J D Capra
J Immunol 1984 133:1090-2

Anti-oxazolone hybridomas and the structure of the oxazolone idiotype
M Kaartinen, G M Griffiths, P H Hamlyn, A F Markham, K Karjalainen, J L Pelkonen, O Mäkelä, and C Milstein
J Immunol 1983 130:937-45

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