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The AAI Careers in Immunology Fellowship Program

Applications Open: Jan. 15

Applications Close: Mar. 15

The AAI Careers in Immunology Fellowship Program supports the career development of young scientists by providing eligible PIs with one year of salary support for a trainee in their labs. Over 45 fellowships were awarded in 2016.

Program Requirements

Applicants (PIs) must be independent research scientists who are AAI regular members in good standing. Trainees must also be AAI members in good standing at the time of application. PIs and trainees are required to remain AAI members in good standing for the duration of the award period. Scientists employed by for-profit corporations or government agencies, AAI Council members, and AAI Fellowship Committee members are ineligible to apply.

At the time of application, the PI should have no more than $250,000 U.S. dollars (USD) in total annual direct costs (excluding PI salary) from all funding sources, including start-up funds. Funding mechanisms and levels must be confirmed by the applicant’s department head or dean. A PI may submit only one fellowship application per award cycle. PIs who have previously received an AAI Careers in Immunology Fellowship are not eligible to receive the award a second time.

Predoctoral trainees must have passed their Ph.D. qualifying/candidacy exams by the application deadline in order to be eligible for a fellowship. Postdoctoral fellows must be in years 1-5 of their postdoctoral training; later-stage fellows (years 6 and beyond) will not be supported. To qualify as a candidate for postdoctoral support, the trainee must have passed his/her Ph.D. thesis defense by the fellowship application deadline. Trainees funded under the fellowship program may not be supported concomitantly by other fellowships that provide salary compensation.

Consideration for award is based on the merit of the PI’s proposed project, potential of the trainee, and the quality of the training environment.

Fellowship Application

Fellowship Application Instructions

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