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An open access, fully peer-reviewed journal published by
The American Association of Immunologists


Leslie J. Berg
University of Massachusetts
Medical School


Michael S. Krangel
Duke University
Medical Center

Senior Editors

Mark H. Kaplan
Indiana University School of Medicine

Robert L. Modlin
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA



Cathryn R. Nagler
The University of Chicago

Luc Van Kaer
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

The pace of progress in the field of immunology—both basic research
and successful therapies—is advancing as never before.

ImmunoHorizons will contribute to this progress by

  • Reducing the time to needed to submit a manuscript
  • Publishing research work using an open access model

ImmunoHorizons is a fully peer-reviewed journal committed to advancing the knowledge of immunology. All editorial decisions are made by practicing scientists.

Criteria for publication include rigorous methodology and robust conclusions that advance the field and are of broad interest. ImmunoHorizons will consider observations of interest even if complete mechanistic or functional characterization cannot yet be provided. ImmunoHorizons will also consider for publication novel methods, assays or computational tools, as well as initial characterizations of novel reagents, including mouse strains, clones and antibodies, even if biological insights have not yet been fully realized. Large descriptive data sets which are of interest to the field will also be considered.

Questions? Contact infoih@aai.org


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