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Committee on the Status of Women

The Committee on the Status of Women (CSOW) is a standing committee of the AAI. The nine members of this committee are appointed by the AAI Council for staggered three-year terms. The committee is responsible for generating and developing programs that assure equal treatment of all professional immunologists on the basis of merit.

To enhance opportunities for women to be selected as speakers and/or chairs at professional meetings and seminar series, or to serve as reviewers, editors, board members, consultants, or in other professional capacities, the AAI Committee on the Status of Women has compiled a list of AAI member women working in immunological research or fulfilling leadership roles in non-research careers in support of the immunology enterprise. The list does not include all women in the field.*

* The committee seeks to update the list regularly and to ensure that those listed fulfill the qualifying criteria; occasional oversights may occur and are subject to correction.


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